Please review carefully before making a deposit.

Once you make a deposit, I will fill in the information on the puppy, agreed terms, deposit paid and then send it to you to sign.

Raising Star Ranch


This is a binding contractual agreement between:

Seller ________________________________and Buyer _______________ _____________

Description of Puppy: Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd 

Sex: _____________ Date of Birth:________ _________Coat Color:__________ ______

Right Eye Color________________ ___ Left Eye Color_______________

Other Distinctive Markings:____________________________ ________

Registration:  ________________________________________________

ASDR Litter #: ________________ 

Sire: ____________________ ___                     Sire’s ASDR #: _______________________ __

Dam: _____________________ _                     Dam’s ASDR #:__________________________

Delivery Method: _____________

Puppy Sold with Full or Limited Registration_____________ _________________________

(Limited Registration DOES NOT include breeding rights.)

Nicole Caldwell/Raising Star Ranch and Buyer _______agree the dog described above is a purebred  ______ Australian Shepherd. The kennel name ”Raising Star” must be used as the first words of the dog's registered name. Registration papers will be filled out upon completion of the sale. If papers are unavailable at time of sale due to delay with the registry, papers will be forwarded to the Buyer upon being received by the Seller. Raising Star Ranch will provide the paperwork necessary for registration with ASDR (Unless on neuter/spay papers will be provided upon proof from vet)The dog will not be delivered to the buyer until full payment is received AND the dog is at least 8 weeks of age in the case of a puppy. 

Raising Star Ranch requires a non-refundable deposit of $300.00 to hold the above mentioned dog/puppy, which will be deducted from the total cost of the dog/puppy. Other agreed conditions for the Deposit/Hold__ _____

Payments may be made by cash, credit card, Apple Wallet or by PayPal (if paying by PayPal or credit card, an additional 3% will be added to cover fees). If paying by check or money order, funds must be verified and received prior to pick up or delivery of dog/puppy. In the event the dog/puppy becomes unsellable/dies prior to purchase Buyer will have the option to pick another dog if one is available. If a replacement is not available it will be the Sellers discretion to either replace the animal within one year or refund the amount paid. 

Buyers Initials _______.

Travel/Airfare or other delivery methods:  If the dog is shipped, Buyer agrees to pay the shipping cost, which will include airfare, cost of crate, veterinary health certificate, all cost will be agreed upon and paid for before delivery. Seller is willing to meet within 100 miles from Georgetown TX

Buyers Initials ________.

Adoption Agreement:  If for any reason you cannot care for the animal yourself or plan to sell for any reason you MUST contact the Seller prior to taking it to any pound, animal rescue, shelter or reselling. Raising Star Ranch does not want any dogs going to any animal shelters and will aid in finding a new home. While no refund or any compensation will be given, Raising Star Ranch will accept the return of any animal sold in order to facilitate rehoming the Animal. All dogs are microchipped and will always go back to Raising Star Ranch as a secondary contact. Buyer agrees to pay any and all expenses Sellers may incur in recovery of any dog discovered to be in any shelter /rescue up to $1000. Buyer agrees to let seller know and give first right of refusal if and when they re-home the dog/puppy. If for any reason the buyer is unable to care for the dog (to include death, illness, moving, or any other circumstances that would cause the buyer to be unable to personally care for or keep the dog) The dog must be returned to Raising Star Ranch by the buyer, next of kin, or anyone having authority over the estate of the buyer IF the next of kin/family cannot keep or does not keep the dog. 

Buyer’s Initials_______

Purchase Price: $_______ Travel/Airfare or other delivery fees $_______

Deposit Received: $_____(less PayPal or Credit card fee if applicable)  Remaining Amount Due (less deposit): $_______

Health Guarantee: 

Raising Star Ranch warranties the dog to be in good health and free of genetic and congenital defects. The dog will be current on all de wormers and vaccinations as suggested by Raising Star Ranch’s practicing veterinarian. Records will be provided in the case of a puppy purchase. Buyer has 3 business days to have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian for general health from date of delivery or this health guarantee will be voided. 

Under no circumstances will Raising Star Ranch accept any liability for communicable diseases. If dog does not pass a general health exam due to genetic or congenital defect, Buyer agrees to notify breeder within 24 hours and provide a copy of the original signed licensed veterinary statement of health within 48 hours of examination. Although every effort will be made to prevent minor, treatable problems (such as diarrhea, coccidiosis, parasites, etc) it is understood that these are common issues especially under stress of new circumstances, and will not be covered by this health guarantee. If the dog becomes sick or injured while still in Sellers care, it may delay delivery of the animal to the Buyer as Raising Star Ranch insists that any animal purchased must be delivered in good health. Buyer acknowledges that Sellers are not responsible for Buyer’s veterinary expenses at any time or under any circumstance. 

Due to the varying kinds of food and different environmental conditions the puppies come in contact with; and the fact that all puppies have immune systems that take time to mature, the terms of this guarantee will not be honored unless they are given NuVet Plus® immune system builder, as directed by the manufacturer, for the entire guarantee period. Failure to do so will render this guarantee null and void except where prohibited by law. We also highly recommend you continue to give your pet NuVet Plus beyond the guarantee period to promote optimal health for a lifetime. 

About NuVet Plus NuVet Plus is America’s premier pet immune system support supplement incorporating a precise formula of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs and antioxidants that perform synergistically to bring together all of the vital ingredients required to maintain optimal health. NuVet Plus is made in the USA using natural, human grade ingredients that are formulated in an FDA registered pharmaceutical laboratory. Veterinarian recommended, NuVet Plus was designed for dogs at every life stage; from supporting your puppy’s maturing immune system to helping to protect against issues later in life. For your convenience you may order by phone by calling 800-474-7044, using order code 22201 or online at NuVet products are not sold in stores. Customers outside the U.S. must place order by phone only.

If the puppy/dog has a cosmetic defect such as a hernia, retained dew claw, or any condition that is not life threatening, such condition is not covered by this health guarantee. In the case of a hereditary hip deformity, the animal must be tested BEFORE the age of 3 years and a copy of written notification must come to the Seller from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). In case of a genetic eye deformity, the dog must be tested BEFORE the age of 2 years and written notification must come to the Seller from a Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist. Adult dogs older than the listed ages do not qualify for the OFA or Eye defect portion of this Health Guarantee. If a “genetic disorder” is found within 90 days of delivery or within the time prescribed as it pertains to OFA or Eye testing, or if the dog is found to have a congenital defect within 90 days of delivery, the animal will be required to be returned to the seller at the Buyers expense. The Sellers will then replace the dog with one of the same sex and coat color within 1 year (animal to be determined by the Seller). If a suitable replacement cannot be provided within 1 year, Seller reserves the right to refund the purchase price of the animal at their discretion. If Buyer wishes to keep the dog, it MUST be neutered or spayed at Buyer's expense and proof must be delivered to the seller. The Buyer will then be able to purchase another puppy from the Sellers within 1 year and will be given a price discount equal to no more than 50% of the purchase price of the original dog. Should proof of spay or neuter not be provided, the Seller reserves the right to refuse future sale and give no discount on the purchase of any additional animals. Should the Buyer not purchase another dog within 1 year, the Buyers discount will be forfeited. Should Buyer not specifically perform any of the functions outlined or required by this Health Guarantee or not meet all deadlines as required, the Health Guarantee shall be considered void. The Health Guarantee portion of this contract will only be valid while the seller is breeding Australian Shepherds. Should the Seller discontinue breeding Australian Shepherds prior to the expiry of this contract, the health guarantee portion of this contract shall be void. This contract is between the Seller and Buyer(s) signed below. If the dog is transferred to a third party, this Health Guarantee shall be void. This also serves as written notice of SS/54-644 and 54-650 purchasers written notice of rights under dog and cat purchase protection act.  

Buyer's Initials ________

Disclaimer: The dog listed in this contract is warrantied only for the purpose of being a pet/companion animal. Although it can be capable/suitable of performing other functions, such as show or breeding, no warranty is being given for the purpose of breeding or showing. If used for breeding, the Sellers ask that the Buyers do so responsibly, and recommend that males must be at least one year of age before used for breeding and females at least one year of age and had at least one prior heat cycle before being bred. Raising Star Ranch does not guarantee adult size, eye color or conformation of any animal. Buyer hereby releases breeder and agrees to hold harmless for any liability, injuries or damages to persons or property caused by this dog. Buyer shall assume full responsibility for the health, temperament, and appearance of the dog immediately upon leaving the premises of Raising Star Ranch. The Buyer must follow the regular vaccine, de-worming, and heartworm schedule as prescribed by their veterinarian until the expiry of this contract. Failure to do so will void this contract. 

Buyer’s Initials_______

Jurisdictional Exclusivity:  Should ANY case be brought to a court of law by either the Buyer or the Seller, the Buyer consents personal jurisdiction exclusively to the jurisdiction of the court within the county and state in which Raising Star Ranch and its proprietors resides. 

Buyers Initials______

Buyer’s Signature  ______________________________________________             Date______/_____/______ 

Buyer’s Printed Name:  ________________________________________

Buyer’s Full Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Buyer's email address: _____________________________________    Phone: _______________________________________

Seller’s Signature:________________________________           Date_____/_____/_____ 

Nicole Caldwell @ Raising Star Ranch 

910 Cobb Creek Rd, Georgetown Tx 78633