Our Beginnings were Humble…

Welcome to Raising Star Ranch! 

Our family owned ranch is a huge blessing for us, but is and will always be a work in progress. 
Primarily, we raise, breed and show ASDR Toy and Mini Australian Shepherds. 
We raise and breed our Aussies to reflect the awesome beauty, intelligence, and agility of Australian Shepherds. Our goal is to share with others our love of this breed and provide your family with beautiful, socialized, well tempered, loved puppies that conform to the breed standard. 

The Ranch has a beautiful garden that produce wonderful fruits and vegetables that this ranching duo freeze dries, cans and jellies with hopes to grow into a business structure soon.

Also available at the Ranch:
Paint Your Pet - Custom painting from any photo provided
Custom Corn Hole Boards


About Nicole and Kendal

Life on a ranch for husband and wife team Nicole and Kendal is never dull!
Nicole never knew that this was something she would do with her life but this breed is so special and so enjoyable that she loves having the opportunity to do it.
So by default, it has become a big part Kendal's life too.
Nicole has an enormous love for animals that, at times, might be a little more than Kendal would like it be, but he supports her love and crazy dreams even when he doesn't fully understand.

Kendal works outside the ranch, of course, but he has a big part whenever I can put him to work! Haha!

His favorite saying is "Happy Wife, Happy Life", and Nicole is totally okay with that...HaHa!
Nicole has a deep love and appreciation for Kendal everyday for all the beautiful blessings he's brought into her life.

The ranch also has Anatolian Pyrenees Ranch Dogs. These Dogs are the best for protecting livestock from coyotes and other predators. They are also our loyal companions in will also be bred occasionally.