Meet our Boys


Raising Star Texas "Trip"

"Trip" is an ASDR Toy Blue Merle Aussie with 2 Brown eyes. He is 14 in tall. He is clear of all genetic and disease tests through Paw Prints.

Trip is an amazing dog with the best personality I have ever had in a pet. He is super smart and very loyal. He loves people and attention. He has a beautiful coat topped off with lots of copper. He has great confirmation and well shaped head...perfect qualities in a "Toy Aussie".

Like many Aussies, he can be very active but he will follow your want to be active, he's active and if you want to relax, he's right with you relaxing. He is driven to work and loves to please. We have been working with his herding instincts. So far he is really good at getting our calf in and out of her stall. He also is good about chasing the goats out of my garden area too.

"Tater" is an ASDR small Red Merle Toy with two blue eyes. He is 11 in tall and a solid 14lbs.

Tater is small in size but thinks he's just as big as our big dogs...Mac and Milly(our Pyrenees). His Parents Lindsey's Play it again "Rewind" and CH Blue Horizons Iron "Rosso" are both championship titled. He has great conformation, thick bone and nice head and chest. He is a little solid rock with a beautiful coat.

Tater has a lot of energy and loves attention. He has the herding instinct and we are currently working with him to perfect that. Once you pick him up, its like he sighs with relief. He loves to be held and cuddled.

Available for stud service

Lindsey's Sweet 'Tater' Pie @ RStarR

Lindsey's Sweet 'Tater' Pie @ RStarR

Rising Star 'Mav' @ Fetch Me an Aussie

Rising Star 'Mav' @ Fetch Me an Aussie

"Mav" is an ASDR Mini Black Tri with two blue eyes. He is Red Factored and He is 14.5 in tall with a beautiful full coat.

Mav is 100% clear of the full Panel Aussie Disease tests Through Canine Health Check. He comes from the Hughes Toy Bloodlines and is know to produce Toy's in the litters

He has proven to be a very strong Blue Eyed Producer. Being thick boned himself, He has also proven to have beautiful solid thick boned pups.

"Rider" is an ASDR Mini Red Merle with amber and blue flecked eyes. He is 16in. He is clear of all genetic and disease tests through Canine Health Check.

Rider recently earned his own International Championship title in July. He comes from a background of the Timberline bloodline through Dam.

Rider has a thick bone, beautiful colors and great ear set....all around great looking stud with an amazing temperament and personality.

Available for stud service.

Sunflower Ride Like the Wind @ Fetch Me an Aussie

Raising Star's 'Frankie' 'Ol Blue Eyes

Raising Star's 'Frankie' 'Ol Blue Eyes

"Frankie" is an ASDR Mini Black Tri with two blue eyes. He is 15 1/2in tall. He is 100% clear of the Aussie Diseases through his cleared parents. He comes from Rising Star MAV (Sire) with strong BET genes. Dam is one of our own...Patches Sparkling STELLA. Parents testing results are listed for your Review.

Frankie is a home grown pup and is currently working on future Champion titles. He is red factored and a beautiful thick boned boy that is well on his way to prove true to his Champion bloodlines.

Frankie's sire comes from the Hughes Toy Bloodlines and is know to produce Toy's in the litters.

Available for Stud Service.

Timberline Meant To Be “Bear” is dual registered through ASDR and AKC. He is level 1 Champion and won’t stop there. He has great conformation and thick bone in a small package.

He has an amazing pedigree that goes back for decades. He stands at 15.5 in tall and stout. Bear is medium to high drive with agility potential. He loves to play ball and frisbee.

He is a fun, smart and loyal companion that will do it all at your speed because when it’s time to wind down, he will too.

Raising Star’s Timberline AKA: Bear

Raising Star’s Timberline AKA: Bear